Read your meters with Smart technology

Access electric meters and water meters remotely via WIFI, 4G or LoRaWan network to get real-time reading.

Wireless remote access

With wireless network, operators can quickly get the readings of electrical/water meters distributed everywhere in the building. View all meters in dashboard rather than going up and down.

Charge prepaid on apps

User may view consumption and prepay the electricity / water charge on phone apps or websites. Utility company can shut off the meters remotely if unpaid, and re-open once user pay.

Excellent accuracy

Modern electronic board replaced traditional mechanism, offering better accuracy, and easy-reading LCD digital display. No accumulated deviation compared to traditional meters.

Control Dashboard of smart electric meters and smart water meters

Management system

Utility companies can collect, analyze the consumption of smart electrical meters and water meters. Statistics in numbers and graphic display enable utility companies to have precise management with higher efficiency.

View and pay on cell phone Apps

Users of households can connect and view the status and consumption of their electricity & water. They can prepay the charges via phone Apps online. IC card prepaid method is also available.

We are driven by values

Our aim is to improve our living environment with technology. Now all smart devices from our production line helps people from all over the world enjoy the benefit of IoT (Internet of Things).

It's amazing. The smart energy meter has a modern looking, and it works well too with WIFI from my bedroom.
Janet Morris
User from Span
The power meter with IoT tech complies common wireless standards and provides multi choices for different installation environments.
Willie Brown
Procurement of Croatian construction company
Wonderful design. Perfectly solved my problem that no 4G covers my farm. Now I can know what's going through with the smart meter from hundreds of miles away.
Sean Fisher
Farm owner

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